'cause companies don't
start themselves

You have skills and you have talents but no one has everything. Our goal is to help you get to your goal, a successful company with an amazing product having product/market fit and traction.

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Lean Startup /
Customer Development

Find your Minimum Viable Demographic and the right path to solve their problem with a product they value

startup advisor, mentor, coach

You are an expert at somethings but perhaps need a little help or an outside view to get you to success faster than on your own

consulting tech co-founder / interim CTO

Does your team lack a
technical co-founder? We can help you get to the place where you can attract one.

product manager /
technical PM

With a solid tech background and empathy to know your customer, find their real problem, We can help you manange your product and build what you need now and what you need next

software/system architect

breakdown what needs to be built, what tech to use, and how to get it done

Rails developer (full-stack)

Have built 3 commercial products from the ground up from product definition, architecture through to shipping

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